Most Fundamental House Buying Tips

October 12, 2019 House Buying Tips

These tips apply to all property purchases. Find and use these top 10 house buying tips to help you make the very best house buying choice.


  • Lot size – do you choose a big lot for kids to play or smaller sized lot for much easier maintenance?
  • Lot orientation (N/S or E/W direct exposure) – Keep in mind, a Western lot direct exposure is really hot in the summer season here in Phoenix
  • What ‘s presently (or prepared for the future) behind the lot – exists a 2-story or single-level house, apartment or condos or business park, roadways, a greenbelt, a park, a golf course or a lake?
  • The area in between neighboring houses – do you have enough ” elbow ” space?
  • Distance to significant roadways, power lines, railway lines/crossings, airports, and/or flight courses – how extreme or loud is the sound from these area aspects?
  • Plants – are trees and plants planted adequately far from the house as roots from older, fully grown trees and plants can impact drain and drain lines to and from the residential or commercial property?
  • Lot drain – is the lot appropriately graded to divert exess water from pooling around your house?
  • Energies – think about provider and schedule for sewer/septic, electrical energy, gas, phone/internet, and water (consisting of city water, well-water, or transport water, watering).

The 2nd, bigger location circle, is “area.”

  • Distance to greenbelts, parks, lakes, and/or golf courses.
  • Do surrounding houses seem well kept and preserved?
  • Are there an HOA or numerous HOAs, and if so, what are the costs and possible evaluations for each?
  • Is the area gated, and if so, is eviction(s) manned?
  • Where vehicles in the area parked are – are automobiles normally parked in the garage, on the driveway, or in the street?
  • How large or narrow are the streets? Are the streets created to accommodate appropriate visitor parking?

The 3rd and last area circle is “neighborhood.”

  • Shopping/ Groceries/ Hardware shops
  • Filling station
  • Dining establishments
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Libary
  • City parks
  • Open areas
  • Highway onramps/offramps

Get Pre-Approved NOW!

Getting pre-approved early and remaining credit valuewhile will get rid of much of the tension associated with the closing procedure.

An all money purchase obviously gets rid of much of the tension, but many property buyers will need to obtain funds to acquire their house. Finding a skilled, proficient, and expert loan officer will help to reduce much of the closing procedure tension.

Keep in mind; you and your loan provider will need to sign the pre-approval letter, which ought to be produced using the AAR Pre-Qualification Kind.

Loan officers will also help you to figure out and to get approved for the loan that finest fits your monetary circumstance, as there is a huge selection of loan types from the more conventional such as:

1.Traditional loans

2.Jumbo loans

3.FHA loans

4.VA loans

5.USDA Rural loans

Extra Funding Idea

To improve the value of your purchase deal in the “eyes” of the Seller, make sure your loan officer processes your loan application through your particular loan’s automated underwriting system and to note this on the AAR Pre-Approval Type.

Be Diligent, Don’t Forget:

As soon as you have actually been pre-approved– be thorough and don’t forget– to prevent opening brand-new credit lines, making high-dollar purchases, or moving cash around in between accounts.

Lenders wish to see steady, reputable customers, and participating in these activities might lead to your loan being decreased.